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It seems as though sewing has been a part of my life forever! I remember my first sewing project for 4-H was a simple crop top but it was also a lesson in recycling. The fabric I used was an old white shirt of my dad's and I bound the edges with lime green bias tape! Sewing was a skill handed down to me from my mom and grandma- both excellent seamstresses mostly out of necessity. I also remember p.j.'s  made out of colorful feedsacks and home-sewn school dresses. My 4-H sewing took me from that basic crop top to dresses, lined suits, wool outfits, sewing with vinyl to hand-tailored coats. I never dreamed that all my 4-H experience would lead me to a career based on sewing and customer service.

After completing high school, I attended Iowa State University intent on becoming a Home Economics teacher. As the job future dimmed in that field, I turned my attention to the Textiles & Clothing industry, specifically Merchandising. I also took more clothing construction courses and in 1974 I graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in that field. I came back to Hastings and took a job with a small, local department store. As friends and co-workers found out about my  sewing ability, I had requests to do sewing for others. Thus were the humble beginnings of The Spool House in January, 1975 as I rented space in which to do my sewing.

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I truly thank my family who has supported my endeavors wholeheartedly! My four daughters have grown up coming to work with me and some of  my long time customers still ask how "my little girls" are even though they are all in their 20's now. My husband has run many an errand for the business and puts up with my erratic schedule with little complaint. I am so blessed.

Even though I LOVE the wedding work, I have also done much theater and costume work. I have costumed many theater and musical productions for Hastings High School, Chaplain Park High School and my alma mater, Park High School. Another love is costumes for Hastings High School Show Choirs. In addition, I have done uniforms for color guards, marching bands, dance lines and dance school competition lines. As you can see in my photo gallery, I am also now doing dresses for local royalty. It is such a feeling of accomplishment to have others admire my work!

It is also important for me to give back to the organization that gave me the push to start my business- 4-H! I still volunteer as a 4-H leader on the local, county and state level. Whenever possible, I judge 4-H events- my favorite is the MN State Fair. 4-H is an awesome organization- all of our daughters are also 4-H graduates and have benefited in their careers because of it.

In my limited free time, I spend as much of it as possible with my family as they are the most important thing in my life. I also enjoy volunteering at church(with my family!), scrapbooking, crafting and reading. 

So from my simple recycled crop top to constructing wedding dresses- what a journey! I am so proud of the business I have built based on my sewing skills and customer service abilities. Please visit The Spool House and see what I can do for you!


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